care4me training feedback
“I was initially introduced to Care4me Training and Consultancy about 6 months ago although the company I have joined have been using them for much longer. I  have found the courses, of which there are many, to be some of the best I have experienced personally and feedback from our workforce has confirmed this to be the case. I have found the methods of delivery to be extremely beneficial to general operations and our ability to maintain a fully compliant and comprehensive workforce. Both Leanne and Sharon have been excellent with them both using a variety of learning methods thus making it interesting and suitable for all learner types which in the delivery of training to a workforce is invaluable. The courses  give the learner a comprehensive insight into the subject matter whilst ensuring by use of discussion, questionnaires and competency’s that the learner is fully taking on board the training material. The facilitators informs our administrators on individual training statuses via certification; therefore enabling us to track our learners  progress. Care4me Training and Consultancy as a company are professional and always willing to help when and wherever required. Their dedication to Healthcare is profound which has been noted through their up-to-date knowledge, their servicing offerings and bespoke training packages”
Pauline Aydon
Registered Manager